Rental Information:


The club can be rented for a minimum fee of $40 for a 3-hour period. An additional fee of $10 per hour will be charged for each additional hour or partial hour of rental. Renter should consider time required for set up and clean up as this time must be accounted for in booking.

The fee for a 24 hour rental is $250.

The fee for a 48 hour rental is $500.

For weekly rental rates, please inquire at: or 204-864-2182.


​Our amenities include a full kitchen that has two stoves, a fridge, a microwave and a deep freezer.  Additionally, we have a bar, with another separate fridge area. We have 38 rectangular tables and 200 chairs. All tables and chairs are available to use at no additional charge.

Items that are available for use include three coffee perks, serving bowls, a serving cart, water jugs, utensils, creamers, serving utensils, a kettle, tea towels, dish cloths, and the front canteen fridge.