A big SHOUT-OUT to all those who helped reinforce the boards and build cages behind the nets! 

Thanks to the hard work of our Rink & Grounds Committee, as well as many volunteers, the ice is ready for skaters. Please check out the Rules below to help ensure everyone can enjoy themselves this season.

Skating Rink

OPEN 2019/2020 SEASON

Hours of Operations:

Rink and Shack are open all Season: subject to programming and SFXCC events. We will work on keeping you posted should one of these occur. 

Monday- Public Skate

Tuesday - Public Skate

Wednesday - Public Skate

Thursday - Public Skate

Friday - Public Skate

Saturday - Public Skate

Sunday - Public Skate

Rink Rules:

  1. KEEP IT CLEAN: Leave everything as you would LIKE to find it. Place all garbage in bin, or take it with you. When done; remove everything off the ice surface, except for the goals
  2. CLOSE-UP WHEN DONE: Close ice-shack doors and shut off lights when you are done please. The community centre is run completely on volunteers and donations, so a little help goes a long way. 
  3. HELP OUT WHERE YOU CAN: Again, rink is run entirely by  volunteers; shoveling around edges would be greatly appreciated.
  4. BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS: Some people just want to skate, and some want to plays with a stick and puck. Regardless of your activity, please ensure you are SHARING the ices surface and being RESPECTFUL of your neighbours. 
  5. SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK: Ensure you are wearing the appropriate skating and safety gear /equipment when entering the ice surface. As we all know, ice is slippery and accidents do happen.
  6. HAVE FUN: All the long hours volunteers put in are so       St. Francois Xavier residences can enjoy the ice, make new memories and have fun!