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The SFX CC has had two great events this month! 

As many of you know, the community club is 100% volunteer run. Your support with time, energy, and donations at these events make them possible!

Winter Family Fun Day

We would like to thank the Girl Guides, the folks who cleared the rink, the canteen help, the set up and clean up crew, as well as the West Perimeter Auto for sponsoring the event!

Hypnotist Michael Leach and Danny's Whole Hog BBQ Dinner
February 24th 2018

See our events page for more details!

Comedian/Hypnotist Fundraiser

We would like to thank all those who donated desserts and raffle prizes, the bar tenders, as well as the set up and clean up crew!

The SFXCC rink is open 24 hours a day for community members to enjoy. We are grateful to a dedicated group of volunteers who maintain the rink throughout the winter.

Interested in a pick-up game of shinny?  Come on out Thursday nights at 9pm!

Please note that the rink lights operate on a timer. If you press the button the rink lights will stay on for 2 hours and then turn off automatically.

Please remember to clear any equipment used and turn off the warm up shack lights when you are done.

Together we can ensure everyone enjoys the rink!

SFX Winter Family Fun Day
February 14th 2018

See our events page for more details!

Welcome to the St. Francois Xavier Community Club!

 We hope you find this website helpful for information on events and programming at the SFX CC.

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